Hellboy (2019)

So hellboy went and got itself a reboot this year with stranger things’s David Harbour dawning the horns. I’m going to take a little look at the film and tell you what I thought of it. But first things first…


There are about as many spoilers in this as there were weird creatures in the film. So you have been warned.

With a film like this people are bound to compare it to the original that had a charming cast of actors to bring the world of hellboy to life. However I am going to try my best not to compare the two properties. And I think if you watch the film yourself you should do the same as it is much more enjoyable if you’re not constantly making comparisons.

So let’s get it into it.

This is currently my third draft of this post, coming up with a structure has been a struggle. But I think what I’m going to do is break down components of the film rather than going through its start to finish like I have previously tried, because that would be long and boring. So let’s start with the plot and ask the question.: What do I think the story was?

We start hellboy with a black and white scene that gives us the run down of our villain. The blood queen. Once upon a time in the land of old, she brought a plague that could have wiped out the human race so that monsters could live their own peaceful lives.
Now I personally think there should have just been some peaceful protests from the monsters, maybe chain themselves to fences and wagons, it seems to have helped in the way of equality in the real world.
The queen however liked the killing stuff and went down that path instead. Which ironically led to her own death by none other than king Arthur and his sword Excalibur. She was sliced up like a Christmas Turkey and put in little boxes that were hidden across the UK, insuring she would not come back to power and that the human race would be safe from her evil…

Like that was gonna work. HA!

Flash forward into the modern day and a walking Scouse pig is going after all of the blood queen’s boxed up limbs in a hope to bring her back from the dead and bring all the world’s monsters back to the forefront. He succeeded in his mission and the queen is returned to her former glory.
Hellboy, agent pussycat and Alice from wonderland team together to take her down. Along the way we find out that hellboy is prophecised to bring an end to the world rather than the blood queen. Now how’s that for a spanner in the works. He of course proves this to be wrong and saves the day by beheading her yet again. Poor woman.
As far as stories go, I liked it. It was easy to understand but didn’t fall too flat because it had other little arcs going on such as hellboys relationship with his dad, the mystery behind agent pussy cat and the Scouse pigs need for revenge against hellboy.

There are loads of great scenes in this film and if you like blood and guts you’ll definitely enjoy the fights. For example, when monsters come out of the ground because hellboy picks up king Arthur’s (yes THAT king Arthur) sword, there are plenty of beheadings and all sorts of dismemberment. I was actually surprised at it being a 15 when you take into account how graphic the film is, in terms of violence.
I am particularly fond of the scenes where hellboy teams up with some British soap stars to kill three giants in the English countryside. By the end of the scene in which he is betrayed by the Osiris club (the British soap stars) and battered by giants, hellboy should most definitely be dead. The limits of how much damage he can take is not at all clear. But oh well, makes for some good fights.

I really enjoyed David Harbours performance as hellboy. He brought a lot of emotion to the character which is impressive as he was caked in a few inches of prosthetics. He also brought quite a nice bit of humour to the roll.

There was something a little strange about the audio in the film because certain lines delivered from agent pussycat and Alice were so crystal clear that they sounded almost as if they’d been added in post. Whether that was just their accents or poor editing I found it a little off-putting at times. Not a major issue though.

I would have liked to have seen the agent pussycat character fleshed out a bit because even though they explained his back story u felt the character was a little bit flat. The Alice character however has a lot of potential as she is discovering her powers throughout the film like when she accidentally punches a man’s soul out of his body. Not to mention she has that cool ability to vomit up a dead person so they can talk for a bit which allows hellboy one final conversation with his deceased father.

The soundtrack was something I really enjoyed with this film, had a good mix of indie rock songs that helped set a tone. Matched with a dark grossly world it really worked.

Over all I enjoyed this film. It had some good performances and characters. But it definitely has room for improvement. I’m not going to do a boring ranking system of 1-10 or something. Instead I will say if I had to either watch it 10 more times or never again, what would I pick? I think I’d watch it another ten times, it was an enjoyable experience for me. So if you haven’t seen it but all this sounds appealing, get yourself down the shop and get yourself a copy.

See you later

P.s some of the scenes were ripped straight from the comics and that is so pleasing to me how accurate it is.

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