Living With Yourself: spoiler free review

Paul Rudd is one of the most charmingly funny people gracing our screens now days. He appears in everything from goofy comedies about news anchors to blockbuster superhero flicks where he plays an insect. But with the new release of a Netflix original series, we ask is two Paul Rudds better than one? Here comesContinue reading “Living With Yourself: spoiler free review”

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia… Or is it?

So after a few months of me and my girlfriend watching Always Sunny, we have reached its current end. And as we wait for season 14 to roll around I thought it would be great opportunity to share my thoughts on it. Let’s go! SPOILERS !!! It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is an American sitcomContinue reading “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia… Or is it?”

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