Kevin Smith is one of my favourite directors, if not for his films, for his personality and relatability as being such a big nerd. So this morning whilst my girlfriend was asleep I decided to stick on one of his films in anticipation of Jay and Silent Bob Reebot. I thought I’d start from the beginning and go with clerks. Haven’t seen it for a few years so it was interesting to watch it again. So let’s dive into the world of Jay and Silent Bob.

So what do I think the story was? Who knows? The film follows a character called Dante who on his day off, has got to cover somebody’s shift at work where he is a convenience store clerk. The shop next door is a film rental place. The clerk there is called Randell and he is the worst employee ever, he spends most of his time next door annoying Dante at work. The whole film revolves around these two and takes place over one day at work. The films plot is on the light side but the whole film is instead driven forward by the immense amount of dialouge.

The film is both fascinatingly clever and hilariously stupid. The way the film delves deep on the daily life of these two miscreant store clerks, something that on the surface seems mind numbingly boring (which they obviously feel it is) and yet makes it charmingly entertaining is great. The fact that it’s such a simple topic, makes it that much more impactful when done this well. The stuff they talk about is what you would expect from high schoolers, obsessing over exes, joking about sex and drugs, star wars theories and trying to figure out their greater purpose. You also have Jay and Silent Bob who hang around outside for the whole film, smoking and talking to strangers, they act as a purely comedic element of the film. Jay is over the top and talks to literally everyone he can where as Bob remains quite the whole time, only delivering one line in the whole film which is a fairly wise one.

Some of the acting is definitely not the best but I am willing to overlook that personally as it wasn’t too distracting for me. The stylistic choice of making the film black and white definitely sets it apart. The long, lingering camera shots would normally seem quite off putting in any other film but I feel it reflects the slow moving day the employees are experiencing and makes you concerntrate on dialogue a bit more as you’re not distracted by constant camera changes.

I would say this film definitely has an acquired taste. But I would argue it’s not a bad thing, you will either like it or you wont. As with anything I suppose. That was kind of a needless thing to point out wasn’t it? Oh well. Onto the vote!

Watch ten more times or never again. I’ll watch ten more times, I’ve already watched it a few times. It’s just an easy film for me to watch I think. It says a lot without very much happening. So yeah. Give it a go if you want. Or not, it’s Sunday. Go have a roast and a nap.

See you later.

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