Living With Yourself: spoiler free review

Paul Rudd is one of the most charmingly funny people gracing our screens now days. He appears in everything from goofy comedies about news anchors to blockbuster superhero flicks where he plays an insect. But with the new release of a Netflix original series, we ask is two Paul Rudds better than one?

Here comes a spoiler free review of the series. The only story aspects I will discuss take place in the first episode or trailers so I can attempt to explain the story.

What do I think the story was?

Miles (Paul Rudd) sucks. He is unmotivated at work and is constantly letting colleagues walk over him, he has become a lazy and disinterested husband, he seems to generally not take joy in anything. However when a fellow employee tells him about a revolutionary spa that is said to improve all aspects of your life, he just has to give it a go. That’s when things get a tad odd…

It’s like looking in a mirror.

The next thing he knows, Miles wakes up in a (very poorly made) grave (like seriously all they do is wrap him cling film and bury him inches below the surface, it would be pretty easy to stumble across). Naked and afraid (not a sponsor), Miles makes his way home and finds his wife is apparently with another man, only thing is, it’s himself. DUM DUM DUM! That’s right, miles was cloned (including all memories) at the spa but the new version of him is improved in basically every way. Apparently the spa isn’t great with disposing of the original Miles. Throughout the eight episode series the two miles’s try to figure out how to live in harmony, sharing the life they have or push each other away to keep it all for themselves.

Was it any good?

The first thing to say about this programme is that it is easy to watch, the twenty five minute long episodes are nicely paced, funny and normally end in a way that makes you want to go straight onto the next episode which makes for a very binge-able programme indeed. At first you might worry that having two Paul Rudds on screen will be a bit distracting but it is actually done really well. The two versions of Miles have different appearances in that the original is quite a slob and the clone is normally well dressed and even has a more confident posture. There is also the subtlety of lighting changes to make one seem more likeable. The clone always has better lighting and colour than the original (at least for the first episode) to create a more positive atmosphere around the character.

Paul Rudd and his on screen wife played by Aisling Bea have a great chemistry and their relationship is easily one of the most interesting aspects of the show. They both are very charming and deliver organically funny performances. The story takes some unexpected twists and turns which make for an enjoyable ride.

Living With Yourself

However it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, the show actually has quite a dark and sad core. I mean the whole story stems from Miles being sick of himself and wanting to become a new improved self instead. The series perhaps spends too long looking at the same scenes from different perspectives and would maybe have benefited from condensing it down to fewer episodes or maybe a movie. However it is still an incredibly easy watch.

The conclusion

Now for the question, would I watch it ten more times or never again?

If you want a short, easy to watch, humorous drama then go ahead and give Living With Yourself a go. The strange story and great cast marry together to make a fun programme with a rather dark centre plot line, it’s an excellent example of how you can combine tragedy and comedy to make something special. If you like Paul Rudd i’d definitely give it a watch as he plays two of the main characters and is his usual charming, likeable self. For me, even though I found the ending episodes to taper off and become a bit disappointing I think that I would still give this another ten watches just because of how easy it is to do so.


So there ya go, there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this rather short review and I would love to hear what anybody else thought of the series. Also if anybody would like to hear my views on a particular production then go ahead and let me know in the comments. Would be quite fun to review something requested by you guys.

Thanks for reading.

See ya later!

One thought on “Living With Yourself: spoiler free review

  1. I’m halfway through it, and like it so far. It’s surprisingly dark and very intriguing. Besides, 2 Paul Rudds and Aisling Bea – what’s not to like? 🙂


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