It’s always sunny in Philadelphia… Or is it?

So after a few months of me and my girlfriend watching Always Sunny, we have reached its current end. And as we wait for season 14 to roll around I thought it would be great opportunity to share my thoughts on it. Let’s go!


It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is an American sitcom that follows a group of 5 (though it starts as 4) unstable individuals as they try to run an Irish bar in Philadelphia called Paddy’s Pub. We have Dennis Reynolds the self loving sexual predator and his twin sister Deandra Reynolds the wannabe actress that is instead the butt of everyone’s jokes and a bit if a general mess. Mac (Ronald MacDonald) is the self professed karate chopping hard man who is secretly insecure about every part of his life. Charlie Kelly is the wild card that loves to stomp rats, hang out in the sewer and stalk the love of his life, the waitress. Finally Frank Reynolds rounds off the crew as the father of Dennis and Dee trying to make up as a father by funding all the crazy schemes. He also becomes very fond of Charlie and likes to hang out in the sewer and under bridges with him.

Each of the main cast are brilliant and each character bounces off eachother perfectly. They are all terrible in perfectly normal situations. For example the intro the very first episode (the gang gets racist) starts with Dee bringing a black man into the bar. Now to any normal person this wouldn’t seem out of the ordinary in the slightest. But Charlie, Dennis and Mac quickly dig themselves a hole by saying things like “we don’t want any trouble” and “we have plenty of African American people in here, you might know some of them”. There is an attempt to diffuse the comments and clear the air but instead they completely unintentionally make things worse. This kind of thing happens quite often, where the gang will accidentally do or say something that could be seen as wrong (but was not meant in that way) and try to hard to make it better which makes things ultimately worse. The programme will go to some pretty dark areas of comedy and still make it amazing.

The running gags are not only hilarious but also make the programme feel more authentic. This is furthered by one of my favourite things, the shouting matches. In normal entertainment arguments appear very scripted but in this, the cast really do just scream over eachother in a way that seems incredibly real. Performances like this make for a lot of improv on set which I feel is clear in the final product.

The stories drastically vary from typical bar stuff like preparing for a health inspection to trying to solve the oil crisis, writing a play or buying a boat. The constant change in stories keeps you on your toes and constantly surprised by what they do next.

It’s not only the main cast that bring the hilarity but the the recurring side characters. All of them are a touch on the unstable side (but then again, everyone is in this programme) but each in unique ways. Some of the stand outs are Cricket the priest turned homeless drug addict, the Mcboyels family of incestual weirdos and Charlie’s love, the waitress. Every single character has stand out moments that will make you cringe or chuckle.

I’m going to rate this like I rate everything, watch ten more times or never again. For me, I would happily watch all of it again and again and again, and I plan on doing so. For a programme full of seemingly heartless people, it sure does have a lot of heart. You learn to care about all these bad people and any display of emotion can be quite heartwarming. It’s truly hilarious and there is so much of it, that I will have forgotten many episodes and I can’t wait to re-experience them all. It’s crowned itself as my favourite sitcom.

If any of you are interest in seeing what it’s all about then I have a few of my favourite episodes to suggest. You can watch them all on Netflix by the way.

7) The gang turns black

In this weird episode the gang wakes up in the bodies of a group of black people, the hilarity ensues as the try to figure out what the rules are and discover they are trapped in a musical.

6) The gang buys a boat

The title of this one pretty much speaks for itself. The gang buys a boat and as always it doesn’t go as planned.

5) Mac and Dennis move to the suburbs

When Mac and Dennis move to the suburbs on a bet, they expect it to be easy but instead one of my favourite things happens, Dennis goes completely insane and Mac unravels too.

4) Sweet Dee has a heart attack

When Dee has a heart attack her and Dennis join a gym, Mac and Charlie get new jobs and Frank ends up in a hospital. It’s all good fun.

3) Charlie work

In this episode we see how Charlie secretly holds the whole bar together when a health inspector visits. This episode is shot incredibly well, most of it seems to be done in one continuos take.

2) The gang goes to a water park

When the gang decides to visit a water park Dennis adopts a girl to be his partner in crime, Mac and Dee get stuck in a slide, and Charlie and Frank pretend Frank has aids in order to skip all the cues in an attempt to go on every ride.

1) The Nightman cometh

In my favourite episode Charlie writes a musical play for the gang to perform. It may be loosely tied to Charlie’s past which is a bit dark but the whole episode is funny from start to finish and has songs that will get stuck in your head for hours.

See you later.

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