Dinosaur 13

The heartbreaking origin of the world’s most famous Tyrannosaurus Rex specimen.

This is a slightly unusual review as it’s about a documentary; Something I didn’t think I’d be talking about on here. But I’m gonna do it anyway. This was my second time watching this and I really felt the urge to write about it.

This is the bit where I normally shout spoilers but for once, I’m not giving any spoilers. If any of you choose to watch it, I want it to unfold in front of you without you knowing what’s next.

But we still have to ask the question, what do I think the story was?

In 1990 paleontologist Peter Larson and his team from the Black Hills Institute discovered the largest, most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex specimen ever found. The next ten years were a mess of court cases as various groups waged war over who the fossils really belong to. The team from the Black Hills Institute weren’t just fighting to keep Sue the T-rex, they were fighting for their freedom.

If you have any interest in dinosaurs or law I would definitely suggest watching this. I myself lean towards the dinosaur side. If you are like me, don’t expect to learn lots about T-Rex though, this is all about the people that found Sue (the T-Rex is named after Susan Hendrickson, she was the person who found the specimen to begin with) and the complicated webs of law that surround them.

There is so much to enjoy in this documentary, the initial discovery is exciting but after that you get hooked on what will happen to Sue and the people that found her. Every time you think something bad happens, around the next corner something else goes wrong. The journey is filled with money hungry farmers, hateful judges, pained paleontologist, extortionate bidding wars, passionate public and a constant worry that Sue won’t get the home she deserves.

I don’t normally find law all that interesting but I really enjoyed this. Admittedly that may have been largely due to it being about a dinosaur but I also found it fascinating how complicated things got over who owned it. Apparently finders keepers doesn’t hold up in court. I found myself getting invested in the people involved and have a whole different sense of appreciation for that T-Rex, if I ever get the chance to see her, I reckon it’ll make a tad emotional. Cause I am a child

10 times more or never again? Yeah another ten times for sure. And I would urge you all to watch it too. Hope you enjoy.

I know this was a quick one, I just really wanted to share my thoughts on it. So thanks for reading my little ramble.

See you later.

P.s please don’t hate me if you watch and don’t like it. I’m just a nerd that likes dinosaurs too much and anything with them in it gets like ten extra points from me. That’s right I am bias! I am only human!.. wish I was a dinosaur though.


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