IT chapter one (2017)

Now I have never been overly fond of horror movies. The feeling of being on edge makes me quite uncomfortable and makes for an unenjoyable experience. However the last few horrors I have been subjected to didn’t have this affect on me. Maybe I’ve become desensitised to this sort of thing through the walking dead or maybe I wasn’t really against them but was instead running away from the memory of being made to watch Final Destination Three when I was six. Either way, it would appear I can handle horrors better than I thought. So I thought I’d go ahead and watch the film that puts the idea in my head that the sewer dwelling Charlie Kelly is one more bad day away from becoming a murderous clown. Yep that’s right, here is a review of IT chapter one.

As always, let’s start this by asking what do I think the story was? An underground clown tries to eat a load of kids. Simple.


There is something inherently creepy about clowns. These pale faced people are meant to spread joy and laughter but always seem to be dealing with some inner trauma and most of the jokes are at their own expense. If you ever felt sympathy for a clown, this film surely undoes that.

Every 27 years, Pennywise the clown comes out of hiding to create projections of kids deepest fears and once they are scared enough he can gobble them up with his rows of shark teeth. The kids we focus on in this film have some pretty dark fears. A few of them are pretty generic but three in particular are rather disturbed.

The opening of the film follows a little boy called Georgie who makes a paper boat with his older brother Bill. However when Georgie goes outside to play with the boat, Pennywise gets him. This is the centre of bills story ark and the main thing Pennywise torments him with.

Mike lost his parents in a house fire and is often shown burnt hands reaching out from behind doors. Playing with the guilt he harbours for not being able to save his parents but escaping himself.

Then Beverly has the darkest of all. She fears growing up. Early in the film she cuts off her flaming red locks, I believe this was an attempt to look more like a boy. She is constantly teased with rumors of sleeping with loads of people when in fact the only person to have touched her this way seems to be her own scumbag of a father. One of our first interactions with Beverly is at a pharmacy where she is buying toiletries, she is starting to have periods. All this comes up in the vision Pennywise inflicts on her. The hair she previously cut off comes out of the plug in the sink to grab her and try to pull her in. Then blood starts to rise from the sink and a torrent of it blasts her in the face. The blood represents her fear of her growing maturaty and how her dad may again force himself upon her but this time she could fall pregnant…. At least I hope that’s what her vision meant, otherwise there is something wrong with my head. I think she stops being scared of growing up when she smashes her dad’s face in with the top of a toilet.

When the kids clock that Pennywise is projecting their fears they are able to face them and IT becomes powerless. Basically if you’re not scared then he can’t eat you, which you know, is a plus.

The film ultimately ends when the group of kids beat him with sticks and stuff and he gets sad because he can’t eat them and the crawls into a hole.

One story aspect I love is that all the main characters are kids that are bullied to the extent that they are called the loser club. The group of outcasts go on a Goonies feeling horror adventure in which they prove that the little man, the book worm, the nerd, the weird and so on, can kick ass. They represent hidden courage and true strength in a place that nobody expects to find it.

I think all the special effects and such are pretty good in this and none of it stuck out in a negative way. Along side this I think all the acting was pretty good. I was really impressed with the performances of all the child actors and of Pennywise who was portrayed in a positively creepy way.

Overall I enjoyed this clown flick. I would personally say it was more of a thriller than horror. I didn’t find myself that scared but more excited and genuinely interested in what was gonna happen next. So the big question, would I watch ten more times or never again? This is a tricky one. Whilst I really did enjoy it I’m not sure I would go as far as to watch it ten more times, but instead I’m going for the never watch again. But trust me, it is a close call.

So if you learn anything from this post, let it be this kids: don’t play with clowns in the sewer.

See you later peeps.

P.s apparently it’s my one month anniversary on WordPress so happy birthday me

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